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CWCL Support Photo

Paul J. Augustine
Boise, Idaho

Honorable Charlotte Bushnell
Lake Charles, Louisiana

H. Dill Battle, III
Charleston, West Virginia

Claire C. Carr
Richmond, Virginia

Douglas A. Colby
Chicago, Illinois

Honorable Elizabeth Crum
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

J. Thomas Dulin, Jr.
Gulfport, Mississippi

Julie Y. John
Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas D. Jones
Lincoln, Nebraska

Gary K. Jones
Jackson, Mississippi

Eric T. Lanham
Kansas City, Kansas

Kevin J. Luther
Rockford, Illinois

Scott W. Mach
Kansas City, Missouri

Nathan B. Maudlin
New Harmony, Indiana

R. Burke McLemore, Jr.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Christopher D. Moore
Eugene, Oregon

Honorable Pamela A. Moses-Laramore
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Honorable Melinda K. Poppe
Phoenix, Arizona

Daniel C. Pope, Jr.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dennis R. Riekenberg
Omaha, Nebraska

George Santini
Cheyenne, Wyoming

William L. Smith, II
Columbia, South Carolina

Stacy Ann Tees
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dawn R. Traverso
Aventura, Florida

Jane-Robin Wender
Boca Raton, Florida

Kenneth F. Werts
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Honorable Jane Rice Williams
London, Kentucky


Bonnie J. Hoskins
Lexington, Kentucky

G. Davis Peterson
Jackson, Mississippi

Honorable Robert L. Swisher
Frankfort, Kentucky

Induction Ceremony Photos

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