Joseph D. Amarillo
Chicago, Illinois

Joe R. Anderson
Austin, Texas

Brad L. Badgley
Belleville, Illinois

David C. Barnett
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Brandon J. Burton
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Elizabeth DeVaughn Costner
Savannah, Georgia

Jean Z. Dickson
Davenport, Iowa

Diane D. Duhamel
East Hartford, Connecticut

Steven W. Etzler
Highland, Indiana

Lynn McHale Fitzpatrick
Herndon, Virginia

Lisa M. Frisina
Richmond, Virginia

Virginia Smith Gautier
Jackson, Mississippi

Dana L. Gish
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Robert E. Harrington, Jr.
Chicago, Illinois

Kelly Ann Koster
Brentwood, New York

Christopher M. Landry
Covington, Louisiana

Richard D. Lucas
Roanoke, Virginia

Todd K. Maziar
Atlanta, Georgia

Charles F. Midkiff
Richmond, Virginia

Donald P. Moore
Gulfport, Mississippi

Daniel L. Morris
Dallas, Texas

Robert C. Nelson
Belleville, Illinois

Maria Paris Newill
Wilmington, Delaware

Joseph J. Passaretti, Jr.
Glastonbury, Connecticut

Judson L. Pierce
Salem, Massachusetts

Honorable Neal P. Pitts
Altamonte Springs, Florida

Geoffrey J. Shapiro
Cleveland, Ohio

Martin T. Spiegel
Hinsdale, illinois

Vernon R. Sumwalt, Jr.
Charlotte, North Carolina

James E. Swiger, Sr.
Centerville, Virginia

Wanda Blanche Taylor
Greensboro, North Carolina

R. Scott Thomson
Albany, New York

Terry J. Torline
Wichita, Kansas

Toni J. Williams
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Scott A. Wilson
Columbia, Missouri


Todd D. Bennett
Lincoln, Nebraska

Honorable Suzette Carlisle
St. Louise, Missouri

Craig B. Davis
Richmond, Virginia

David M. Linker
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Honorable Cynthia S. Miraglia
Baltimore, Maryland

J. G. Shultz
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Roger A. Levy
Oakland, California

Honorable Robert A. Rapaport
Richmond, Virginia


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