Winning Articles from Law Student Writing Competition

2016 Winner:
Employee Waivers of the Right to Sue Third-party Tortfeasors: Law, Policy, Recent Developments, and Implications for Workers’Compensation and the Injured Workers it Serves

2015 Winners:
“Haters Gonna Hate,” But Will Workers’ Compensation Pay? An Analysis Of Whether Injuries From Hate Crimes Are Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation Laws

Holding A Square Peg And Choosing Between Two Round Holes: The Challenge Workers’ Compensation Law Faces With Uber And The Sharing Economy

2014 Winner:
The Common Law Fellow Servant Rule: Have The Reports Of Its Death Been Greatly Exaggerated?

2013 Winner:
Facing a Fear of Forfeiture: Workplace Equipment, Successor Liability, and the Dual Persona Doctrine as an Exception to the Exclusive Remedy of Workers’ Compensation

2012 Winner:
Comparing Workers’ Compensation Coverage of Professional Athletes in Social Insurance Systems Worldwide – and Why a National System for Athletes Could Work in America

2011 Winner:
Workers’ Rights: Should Undocumented Mean Uncompensated?

2010 Winner:
Civil RICO and Injured Workers: Why RICO Trumps Workers’ Compensation Exclusivity

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