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Curricula developed for College Programs often serve as valuable resources for other teaching opportunities. Accordingly, we will offer selected material for your consideraton.

American Bar Association - Defending Liberty Pursuing JusticeCollege of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Panel
“Teaching Workers’ Compensation in the Law Schools:
Methods, How To Start A Course, And An Inventory”


“Workmen’s compensation . . . ,” it has been written, “. . . is in many ways the poor stepchild of law school education.” According to Professor Richard Epstein, who made this statement in 1977:

The massive volume of cases decided under the workmen’s compensation statutes alone gives us sufficient reason to subject them to detailed analysis and scrutiny. Yet the entire topic is all too often treated as a mysterious and arcane branch of the law that refuses to yield any of its mysteries in an academic setting . . . “ 


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